About US


Innovating on the ocean is not easy. Living underseas is like living on another planet so what are we doing? Creating the worlds first robotic systems for undersea farming. The ocean is the most vast untapped resource on our planet. Now with the commercial push for space exploration - MARS may be one mission. Daymara's is a bit more close to home. Creating the worlds largest undersea farming operations. Oddly - NASA and others are interested in where we are headed.

How did we get here? A small ocean going robot traveled around the world and one guy went with it to Asia. There he met a host of science and related people passionate about the ocean. Once the need arose to really investigate how to farm undersea with technology he grabbed at the chance.  Assembling with him the best team of science and sustainability experts from around the world. We even partnered with Metafact.io to form session groups that enable real science discovery on topics that may have never even been looked at.




With focus on the use of advanced technologies to improve aquaculture productivity and with nearly 8 million metric tons of plastic thrown into the ocean annually, turning farmed waste into a sustainable alternative has emerged as a powerful benefit of regenerative ocean farming. We fully believe that the future of the planet sits underneath the sea and we are here to prove it.